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Envious bitches; vol. II

That's right! I'm talking to you envious bitches again. All of you who're not capable of seeing other peoples friendship prosper and be fruitful, especially not someone you've spend years stalking and get to know, so you can be as destructive as possible in as short time as possible just because you rodents are unable… Continue reading Envious bitches; vol. II

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The awakening of the first born

I feel an unassailable strenght within the depths of my soul, a solidity of spirit that nothing can defeat. Like the walls of an ancient temple, complited in marble, damaged by wars, but rebuilt and sealed with Roman concrete. Indistructable, unbreakable and everlasting. Created to survive the fall of sivilisations and the end of time,… Continue reading The awakening of the first born

Anger issues · English · The sexy side of feminism

The pencil and the sword!

When I was younger I was an unyielding defender of satire as the best possible form of critic of authorities and oppressive ideas, cultur and laws. I still am, uncompromisingly defending the right to ridicule ridiculous abuse of power, or attempt to abuse power in any way that can not be explained with some sort… Continue reading The pencil and the sword!