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The pencil and the sword: vol II

I saw this picture of the cover of a book on the Facebook profile of one of my old acquaintances from my time as an active critic of religion, (I don’t consider posting satirical memes on social media as activisme). The book was about the history of what was called Hedningsamfunnet, (The Norwegian Heathen Society), now Ateistene, (The Atheists), and the initiator of the book sent me a text to tell me I was mentioned too. I sat in the board of this heathen society for a couple of years, (2007-2009) at a time when some of the members of the board wanted to change it’s profile to be “nice” unlike what it had been before. I was one of those who disagreed with this “be nice and show respect to authorities”-thing and was also one of those which left the society after some time of arguing in which I didn’t really participate. I had my opinions, I stood by my opinions, the majority of the Heathen Society disagreed in an extraordinary general assembly so I left. The society changed their profile and after a while also their name and I haven’t found a reason to return. Yet!

Anyway, I am now written into Norwegian history as a defender of publishing satirical drawings of the prophet Muhammed. Which I do. Frequently. Every time somebody is massacred over such drawings I post as many as I can find for as long as I can remember why I post them or my attention is drawn to something else that needs to be treated with a little artistic mockery. As most of my followers have noticed I also eagerly post satirical drawings of every other religion and prophets too, not only of islam and Muhammed. Just as a reminder that religious extremisme and radicalisme in the name of some god, any god is wrong no matter which book is used to justify the terror and supressing of other.

I still stand by the opinion that these drawings are not an attack on religious people nor their prophets. It’s an attack on extremisme and radicalisme and our defence against terror. We defend our right to use our pencils to peacefully disagree to the use of horrific violence to force religious beliefs upon other, and now that a couple of men have made it their business to make it official in our history books, without my consent, without asking me what my opinions about these drawings are, I have to keep on defending this my right to defend my opinions about posting drawings of Muhammed. For ever! Thank you guys! And this you publish at a time when people are getting their heads cut off over these drawings? As sure as I’m gonna burn in hell for all eternity accompanied by you morons I really appreciate your lack of respect for women, you fucking twats!

And what the fuck is this “His followers…”? Did that cunt actually name me as one of his freaking disciples? I haven’t spoken to that self-centered prick in years. And I sure won’t talk to him after this. He was excluded from the Heathen Society, just like another self-obsessed bully was excluded the year before, because he was a jackass who caused a lot of discomfort to many which I wasn’t aware of because all this shit happened behind my back and no one were polite enough to tell me when I asked. I was just yelled at in frases that was just as unacceptable as the behaviour of those who eventually were excluded. When that is said I sure hope the board of the society works better now because at the moment of this conflict it was a disaster. There were a handful of people so inlove with their own voice we could spend hours where each one of them said the exact same thing formulated slightly different just to be sure that they had the chance to say it while I was trying to vote for a pizza order because I was fucking starving.

And then there were this police student who was worried about walking in the dark without a safety reflex, he was after all a police student, and I actually had to argue with him for fifteen fucking minutes to convince him that it was okey to take one of mine. I wouldn’t come to no harm if he took it. I had two. I’m sure he’s going to do a great career in the police as the social media/tv-commersial-star he has become consider the great manipulator that he is. I guess he is his fathers son.

There were endless scenes of manipulative behaviour. It was exhausting and I didn’t leave the board because I couldn’t think for my self. I left because life’s to short for this kind of narcissistic bullshit.


Last but not least: of course it’s cool to be mentioned in a book about a small piece of Norwegian history. For the first time I feel that once upon a time my opinion somehow actually mattered❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

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