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Football v.s. Gay pride

There are a lot of openly lesbian female football-players and to many that’s consider more like the standard than the deviation, but can we accept that an alpha male super athlete is queer? And if we can’t; why not?

In the comment field on social media a lot of straight men write things like “It’s okey to be gay, but why do they have to make such fuzz about it with flags and half naked?”, and so on. These are the exact same guys going on about a football match, ANY football match⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

George Michael was one of my superstar crushes as a teenager. I had two. At first I had three, but then Morten Harket claimed to be personally Christian, as we said in Norway at the time, and that was kind of a turn off to me. Then there was Michael Jackson. In my small village coloured people was extraordinary exotic, and we didn’t even know that the word negro was a bad thing to pronounce. We were all raised and mentally fed on Astrid Lindgrens stories, and amongst them; Pippi Longstocking with her negro king father. (Please pardon this huge digression from the topic football v.s. Gay pride. I’ll write about the n-word another time). I wasted my teenage fantasies on a homosexual. What a bummer! I ditched Morten Harket over his religious belief. Would I ditched George Michael if I knew he was gay? Would I swap him for someone I knew was available according to sexual orientation?

George Michael

George Michael was as perfect as a human being can get. A mysteriously attractive man with a beautiful mind and an angelic voice, writing exquisite texts to enthralling music. I felt true sorrow when he died. Not for my foolish admiration as a teenager, but for the loss of a genious artist. My secret daydreaming vanished when I came to understand his true nature as homosexual. I remember feeling deceived when I learned his preference was men, and isn’t it also a hoax not to let the world know which of our idols are straight or gay?

Shouldn’t queer people in addition to the square be allowed to recognize their own kind in the sports arena as well as in any other arena of superb human performance? Aren’t LGBT’s permitted to admire athletes of the Pride community without destroying his or her career? The image of every single male top football-player as heterosexual is absolutly not credible! George Michael didn’t lose his glory when he was caught getting, (or giving for all I care), fellatio in New York Central Park. Why should a superb football-player lose his over something that has nothing to do with his performance in the football pitch? Isn’t one of the greatest slogans amongst hooligans and other more peaceful football fans


So why is it that 10% of football fans, and players (of football) must walk alone if they don’t hide who they are? That’s right! 10% of mankind are homos and lesbos. And that’s just those with a defined sexuality. Then there are all of those you can’t define so easily. The asexual, pansexual, intersexual, not to mention paraphilia, (paraphilia isn’t a sexual orientation, just for the record), but what do anybody really know about any one? Not much, that’s for sure. So why give a fuck if your hero turns out to be queer? I had no need to believe that George Michael was heterosexual to appreciate his music. I still listened to A-ha even though my crush for Morten Harket disappeared simultaniously with the appearance of his faith. Why is the football community holding on to it’s illusions about the sexuallity of it’s favourite athletes? Are the illusion of the heterosexuallity of the alpha male athlete really that necessary? Or is it like all prejudices and discrimination just


And by the way: Alexander the Great was queer❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

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