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Association football

Football can be associated with opera! You can learn to appreciate football, but if it doesn’t touch your soul, you can never really understand what it’s all about. Just like opera! If ten year old Amira Willighagen with her O mio babbino caro doesn’t make your tears run uncontrollable, your soul isn’t attached to the experience of opera. If you wouldn’t get goosebumps watching the German soccer team’s outstanding and invincible strategy played as perfect as football can get at the FIFA World Cup in 2014, you will never truly understand what this game is all about.

No one “likes” football! You either love it so much you hate it, or you’re simply watching it because someone you care about does. Just like opera! You can learn how to appreciate it, but if it doesn’t touch your heart like your first crush did, you have no clue! Football is in fact about everything there is to the experience of being human! It’s excitement without boundaries, disappointment on the brink of despair! It’s triumph and defeat with intervals of tenth of a second in between! It’s a love affair betwixt fatal instincts and sleepy indifference! It’s a fucking bore and an orgasmic occurance! It’s all that and then some!

Like every other love affair it’s individual if the affection for football is love at first sight, or if it’s kind of growing on you. You can know about football and just don’t care for years, and then suddenly you discover the game like a treasure you’ve been passing by every day without noticing, and then


A lightning reveal the unseen diamonds, and you’re hooked for life because once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it, can you?! You’ll always come back for more. Football’s a never ending hunt for thrills and chills!

Me: I discovered football in 1992 when Denmark surprisingly won the UEFA European Championship. They didn’t even qualify to participate, but then Jugoslavia was disqualified because of the warfare there at the time and the break up of the country, and Denmark was in anyway. The poor coach, who was asked to do a job no one wanted because it was doomed to fail, had 3 weeks to get a team together, go to Stockholm and make an ass of himself. Or at least that was what most of the Danish world of football thought, but he didn’t. They didn’t lose! They played them asses of everybody else. There were two huge events in Denmark that year. They woted a big NO! to the Maastricht treaty, and they won the UEFA European Championship of Football. And the party in the streets afterword said it all! There’s always hope in football, but the best part of the game is that

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