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The silent treatment

A ruling technique of evil doers in relationships were silence is used to suppress the other part of a given relation, wether it’s work related, between lawyer and client, lovers, family members, friends or any connection where cooperation and dialog is a necessity for the bond to work proparly. The silent treatment is meant to cure the notionate to obedience and to accept what’s not acceptable. It’s meant to wear out the headstrong protest towards disloyal and abusive behaviour. It’s as rude as it gets, utterly immature and can be quite annoying to those who are exposed to such behaviour, not to mention the psychological and emotional violence it constitutes where trust is a key factor.

The silent treatment is in other words used by assholes who’s in fact not worthy of the trust nor the attention of those being treated this way. On the other hand, knowing this is just a technique utilezed by cunts, it’s perfectly okey to awail oneself of the opportunity to let them cocksuckers learn a lesson of complete, not to mention literal indifference. Who the fuck needs this kind of shit in their lives anyway?


The abusive individual, whether narcissistic or sociopathic, exploits this natural psychological frailty. For this reason (and others) he will prize the silent treatment  for its capacity to sow insecurity, dread, even terror, in its intended target.” (Steve Becker –


That’s right! Take a nice hike! Go do something useful instead. Go see a normal friend. Find a better lover. Skip family dinner for ever. Find another lawyer. Get a new job. Do whatever´s necessary to keep poison like this out of your veins, out of your mind and out of your life. If the best answer you get from someone no matter the acquaintance, is silence, then that is what they want from you, and that is definitely what you need from them; silence! Never underestimate the power of peace and quiet from abusive, narcissistic bullshit. Let them be silent and make sure they stay silent! If the only thing you need to do to get rid of morons who degrade your value, your feelings and your opinions, is for you to not give a damn, then don’t. Don’t give a rats ass if they will talk or not. Block them dipshits out of your sosial media, your cellphone, your e-mail and your everyday life, and let them stay out soundless and invisible. If you are so unlucky to share children with such a fucktard, I can only advise you to make sure you’re never alone with the cuntbiscuit, and always document every lack of dialog plus whatever you get of texts and other manure from the dickweasel. I’ve been a victim of what seems to be an everlasting stalking of vengeful assmonkeys with shit for brains, avenging nothing less but their own failures. Like I’m in charge of them not being able to destroy me, while destroying themselves, like some of them have tried to since the day I was born. The silent treatment in my case where asswipes of support groups, lawyers and police failed so badly, some of them probably will end up in jail themselves, is the last kick from a dying horse, desperately trying to hold on to their lies of life; that I’m the bad guy. That the problem is located only within my imagination, that I’m being paranoid. Believe me! People like this:

They’re NOT worthy of your efforts!

Just bring them motherfuckers down!

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