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The pencil and the sword!

When I was younger I was an unyielding defender of satire as the best possible form of critic of authorities and oppressive ideas, cultur and laws. I still am, uncompromisingly defending the right to ridicule ridiculous abuse of power, or attempt to abuse power in any way that can not be explained with some sort of reason, which is exactly why it’s called abuse of power and why it’s ridiculous and should be exposed as so.

I experience christians, who’s never opened a bible, nor been to church or any kind of religious service ever since so was expected of them in primary school, but still try to demand respect from me for their beliefs, which really isn’t anything, but a title they them selves for some reason wear as an invisible crown they can call upon as an evidence of their superiority. Over me.

Last night I had a discussion with people from Egypt and Morocco. They were hurt and upset, and as I understood from my point of view, defensiv to their love for their prophet Muhammed. Muslims, some of them very angrily inquiering an answer to why I hate islam and the muslim world. I refused to defend myself from their interpretation of what ever they found on my page. I criticize authorities and oppression of all kind. Period! I respect their right to have a religion, as do I respect their right to speak freely, but then again I don’t consider hate speech as free speech, and I don’t feel obligated to respect ideas I find horrifically oppressive, especially if the demand of respect for these ideas is served with a threat of violence and death.

Islam, like any other religion, isn’t a person, a human being, but an ideology revolving around an idea, amongst millions of similar ideas, of an invisible, omnipotent creature. Ideas don’t have rights like humans do, or animals and the real nature of this world. Ideas are meant to be discussed, and authorities are meant to be criticized. If a simple drawing can start a war between people of the pencil and people of the sword, I believe that’s a clear evidence that the pen truly is sharper than the sword, like David was a better fighter than Goliath. It’s wrong to answer a drawing with violence of any kind. It’s wrong to treat and punish people with another view of life as if they are bad behaved slaves just because they break the rules of ancient, religious ideas of gods which they don’t believe in, in the defence of men who died hundreds of years ago.

To say you hate me for saying so, is hate speech, and verbal violence. To advocate hatred towards muslims are hate speech, and verbal violence. Criticisme, or hatred for that matter, against islam or any other religion, isn’t hate speech, because religious ideas have no rights. If you don’t have the balls to discuss this with me in person and peacefully without accusations of something you interpreted from whatever you find on my Facebook page, my private profiles on social media, my blog or some fucktard gossiping some intriguing shit just to trigger conflicts, you need to fuck off. Because I will not stand down, and I will not give in. I will not bow to hatred, threats, violence and ridiculous ideas of some peoples misconception of their superior right to dominate others with pure sadisme and terror.

When that is said, remember; you are lovedโค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค

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