English · In memory of Luca Skywalker

Things that make me think of you💙

Things that make me think of you is first of all the colour blue💙

Smurfs and sapphires and forgetmenot a piece of you they all have got💙

Next I think is everything green for the nature of the world you have traveled and seen💚

Your love for all beings, which you wouldn’t eat, triggers my shame for still eating meat💚

Yellow was something you never were. I believe there were nothing that you wouldn’t dare💛

Your admirable style was an eye catching success. I will never forget that banana dress💛

The september glory of every beak tree is an aching scar that you left in me🧡

Your presence overwhelmed like a big barking hound, still your beauty was breathtaking like a sun going down🧡

Was there ever a day that you didn’t spill blood in little accidents or in the rugby field mud?❤

Your rage against injustice was glowing red. Like me you believed that a good cop is a dead❤

Of all you were between the grass and the anarchy star, an old rainbow soul describes you the best so far💜

But most important is your voice from the grave, the twin in my heart I’ll forever save💜

May the force be with you, Luca Skywalker!


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